Going wild

For those of us who see biodiversity as something that should be surrounding us and not sectioned off in a nature reserve, here’s some encouraging news from Thurrock Council as to how that can be achieved: Maintenance programme will promote biodiversity and community involvement in Thurrock. Before we go any further, yes, cutting down on the mowing will save money and this is a bit of a cost cutting exercise tohelp a cash strapped council that’s in trouble: Gaffes and finger pointing – just another day at Thurrock Council! Despite this, if some good can come out of adversity, that has to be welcomed. The aim to have no mow areas in parks and on verges that would encourage the growth of wildflowers that would support pollinators and other forms of insect life is one we would happily support.

As we’ve written before, bringing nature closer to people plays a significant role in boosting mental health which in turn, helps with physical health: Reflections on the value of a park – May 20, 2020 and: Valuing our parks – May 1, 2020. After twenty two months of lockdowns, restrictions and people’s lives being disrupted as a consequence, all of us need a boost to our mental health.

What’s encouraging about this initiative is the involvement of the various ‘Friends of Parks’ groups that have formed across the borough. This is putting residents at the forefront of deciding what happens in their local parks. As we have a lot of faith in people, we’re pretty sure that the majority of residents will welcome more biodiversity, being closer to nature and the benefits to mental and physical health this will bring.


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