This piece was first published on FISHINABOX NEWS, SAVE THE PLANET. It’s not a ‘conventional’ way of looking at things but it’s certainly an interesting and possibly for some, controversial take. Which is why we’re posting it up here because we need an open and honest discussion about the direction we’re going in…

Putting Diesel back on the map?

That is the unpopular choice these days right? We should be moving away from fossil fuels, but where has this thinking even come from? Especially after corporate interests in fossil fuels and the global media marketing machine has been slamming electric cars as a joke for over 100 years, oppressing the support in developing a market for electric vehicles, hindering progress all the way down the line whilst promoting their own corporate interests in “dirty” fuels from oil and gas, until the skies and earth are so clogged and smogged that the general public finally have taken notice and a deal had to be brokered between all financial parties.

A hard game for legislators to play when the oil industry has been bank rolling governments for decades right?


Oil and Gas appear (from the money changing hands in the financial press such as FORBES and other money papers) to have been bought off with the the world economic forums “covid great reset”, (convenient and well timed, how did that happen eh?) that’s a rough guide PPE profit return to the plastic industry of 75 billion dollars every quarter (pay off) to make plastic screens and PPE useless junk (future landfill), the required use of a business cost legislated by the sham governments of the world to ensure the money keeps rolling in line with expectations so that the petroleum industry can sit back, with the pay off, as new money carries on oil and gas turn a blind eye to the electric vehicles industry. It’s a done deal and everyone’s happy right?


Electric cars, clean, money making luxury vehicles guaranteed for every business middle manager with a car deal, tax breaks, no emissions, no congestion zone controls etc in a Tesla,. even has vegan leather upholstery, what’s not to love?

Vegan cars, definitly a step forward though despite popular opinion in the non vegan world that fossil fuels are not vegan, fossil fuels are not exploitation of animals, nor is it the use of animals either, fossil fuels are the compressed biodiversity of millions of years of geological History, that’s all biodiversity, mostly plant matter, not the blood of a baby cow, so don’t get lost on it, running a car on fossil fuels is not a vegan debate and in my experience the only people who DON’T understand ethics enough and actually still bring that one up are consumers of animal body parts. There is more to fossil fuels than main stream media care to admit.

Electric cars, amazing, though the industry drivers of “climate change” that gave them credibility on the market place are less amazing and more about following the money.

You can read the rest of this piece here.


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