This is where we want to share readings we’ve found to be interesting, thought provoking and even provocative. Please note that inclusion in this section does not always mean a full endorsement. Sometimes a reading will be included because we think a reasoned debate on the issues it raises is needed.

Gathering in groups as society falls apart – Vicki Robin (guest post) | Professor Jem Bendell | November 8, 2019
“Everyone wants community. Unfortunately, it involves other people.” I used that line in lectures on frugal living when talking of the loneliness of consumerism and the benefits of sharing resources. We idealize the good old days of people helping people out. But can we live them, given who we have become?

Don’t despair, organise!: an introduction to Cooperation Kentish TownShiri Shalmy (on behalf of Cooperation Kentish Town) | Freedom | January 3, 2020
By 21 December, a week after a disastrous election for the left and a few days into the subsequent soul searching, everyone was suddenly talking about how what’s needed now is community building. That afternoon, on a small council estate in Kentish Town, a group of activists were already doing that.

A Lot To LearnDave Goulson wonders whether allotments can save the Earth | Resurgence & Ecologist | January – February 2020
Is it impossible to grow food and support Nature at the same time? If we pursue intensive, industrial farming, we will ultimately wipe ourselves out, for our very survival depends upon a healthy environment. Some organic farms look pretty much like conventional farms: they are still trying to grow large monocultures of crops.