Two of us behind this project are planning to move down to near Bristol by the middle of this year. Relocating means there will have to be changes to how this project carries on.

This project will continue and hopefully as a result of the relocation, it will grow. It will be jointly run by comrades in Essex plus us two down in the Bristol area. Obviously a re-branding will be needed to remove any geographical specificity from the name – Grassroots Alternatives is a strong contender for a new title.

To be honest, were we not moving, a re-brand would have been needed anyway because a quick look at the site stats on this blog shows that on average, at least a quarter of the visitors are from overseas. As for the UK visitors, it’s safe to assume that the majority are not from the Thames estuary. Although the original intention was for this to be a geographically specific project, circumstances have dictated otherwise and in cases like this, it’s best to go with the flow and see what happens:)

So, as well as the Essex listings, once we’ve relocated, we’ll start adding listings from where we are. How that will be organised on the blog is something we’ll have to think about. When it comes to printed papers, the listings will be on A4 inserts, one for each location, placed inside a generic paper. We’re sure our printers at Oxford GreenPrint will be able to handle that with ease:)

Anyway, after what may be some disruption for a short while as the two of us relocate, it will be onwards and upwards for this project…


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