Rethinking Alternative Estuary…

When we turn up at a vegan fair, vegan market or a community fair, whether we’re operating from a stall or out of our rucksacks while roaming around, we always manage to shift a decent number of Alternative Estuary ‘zines. Also, we generally have a few interesting conversations about what we’re trying to do with this project. We go away thinking that we may have possibly made a breakthrough, then we check the stats on this blog and there’s been pretty much zero impact when it comes to getting more viewers. To put it bluntly, there’s only so many times we can repeat this exercise before we have to start asking ourselves some serious questions as to why what we’re trying to achieve isn’t working.

In the previous post on this blog – What are we trying to achieve with Alternative Estuary? – we explained what this project is all about. We made it very clear that our vision for Alternative Estuary is for it to act as an information exchange for the grassroots projects operating across the south of Essex. We’re about as far away from achieving that as we were when we launched this project a few years ago. A point has been reached where a rethink is needed. There’s no point in carrying on doing what we have been doing because it simply isn’t working. We only have so much time and energy and we want to devote that to something that’s going to yield some positive results.

This is us thinking out loud… We’ll still produce the printed ‘zines for as long as the two people doing the editorial and layout are around before they move off down to the West Country sometime in 2022 – see the previous post for more about that. This blog will keep going in some form as will the Facebook page – see the link in the sidebar. What goes up on the blog and on the page will change. There will be less of an emphasis on the information exchange side of things and more on what we do practically with our projects and those of our friends that we support. We like getting our hands dirty and seeing a tangible result after a day’s graft. That’s where we want to put our time and energy. The experiences we have, the successes and failures will be honestly shared. Basically, the emphasis will be on walking the walk. Hopefully, it will be onwards and upwards from this point…


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