Taking back our landLeaflet (colour)
Taking back our landLeaflet (mono)
Land ownership is a means of exerting power. Taking back the land from the owners and re-purposing it as a community asset is a challenge to that power. These are three different examples of how we can take back our land, all non-violent and each in their own way playing a part in building a new world in the decaying shell of the dystopian one we currently endure.

Putting the politics into veganismLeaflet
Veganism has to be a lot more than a lifestyle choice facilitated by the brands and retailers. It has to offer a militant challenge to the corporations who are destroying our planet. It has to offer a militant challenge to the political, economic and social system that sustains these corporations. It has to be about revolution if we are going to survive.

Guerilla gardening…just do it!Leaflet
We live in uncertain times where, with a no deal Brexit, there’s disruption to the food supply and a massive question mark over the quality of the limited choice of food we’re left with. Rather than give into despair or naïvely hold out the hope that things will turn out okay in the end, why not join up with your neighbours to start your own community vegetable and fruit garden?

A better future for the 3/4 estate in VangeLong read
This was the final presentation we produced at the end of the Creating A Positive Revolution In Southend course facilitated by Graham Burnett and Sherry Fuller. The presentation is a long term vision for the future of the 3/4 estate in Vange which is on the southern fringes of Basildon in Essex. Along with Basildon & Southend Housing Action, we’ve been facilitating the work of the Vange Hill Community Group in empowering residents to start making their estate a better place to live.