Even in the depths of winter – Part 1

In our previous post – Another reason to grow our own food:) – we extolled the benefits of growing as much of your own food as possible. The images above, which is a mini-progress report on two out of the four plots we run, show that we put our money where our mouth is when it comes to growing food. Even in the depths of winter…

We’ve written a LOT about growing our own food with a particular stress on the importance of doing it as a community. This post is one of the key ones we’ve posted up, not least because it links back to most of the previous posts we’ve written on this subject: Whoever controls the food supply controls the population – November 2, 2021.

As the world becomes more unpredictable and dystopian, being able to grow as much of your own food as possible is a handy insurance policy. Not only does it increase self sufficiency, if it’s done as a community effort, it also helps with building solidarity and cohesion. Things that we really do need in these troubled times…

To inspire and encourage people to start going down this route, we’ll be posting regular(ish) updates on what’s happening with our plots. If you’re doing something similar and would like to share your experiences, feel free to get in touch with a write up and some images, and we’ll happily publish it. Also, please take a look at the links in the right hand side bar where you’ll find plenty of resources to get you going on growing your own…


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