A sense of urgency is needed right now!

Read the content of these two articles and hopefully, like us, you’ll be bloody alarmed and ready to take action:

Six Months to Prevent a Hostile Takeover of Food Systems, and 25 Years to Transform Them – Nick Jacobs – April 7, 2021.

Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Why? – Nick Estes – April 5, 2021.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution a.k.a. the Great Reset aren’t conspiracy theories as some would have you believe. This shit is happening and if we don’t step up to the plate and take action right now, we’ll be locked into a dystopian, techno-fascist hell where our food supply and our diets will be owned and dictated by vast faceless corporations. Once these bastards have control of our food supply, they pretty much have control of our lives. Think about the move to a cashless society, some form of state controlled Universal Basic Income and a system of social credits and you’ll get a clear picture of the direction we’re being pulled in.

This piece from Wired describes what it’s like living under a system of social credits in China: The complicated truth about China’s social credit system – Nicole Kobie – Wired – June 7, 2019. Bear in mind that Wired is considered by many to be a cheerleader for high tech and even they have reservations about technology being used to control pretty much every aspect of our lives.

We’ve said this before but make absolutely no apologies for repeating it – whoever controls the food supply controls the lives of the population. Well, we sure as heck don’t relish the prospect of our food supply and lives being controlled by massive profit focused corporations or psychopaths such as Bill Gates thank you very much.

Putting it simply, the more of our food we can grow and process as individuals or collectively as part of a neighbourhood grassroots project, the more control we have over our lives. What does this mean in practice? Basically get digging right now!

If you live in a block of flats, get together with like minded neighbours to see if there’s a plot of land that can be guerilla gardened. If you have a balcony, stick as many pots of what takes your fancy on it – every little bit makes a difference. If there are allotments available in your area, get hold of one. If a plot seems like too much work, team up with neighbours/friends to take it on.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a house with a garden, the solution is right outside your backdoor. Turn over what you can to growing your own vegetables and fruit. We have a relatively small backyard and have managed to achieve three months self sufficiency in vegetables from that. We’re aiming for at least four months this year – more if at all possible.

If you have a house with a garden, then you as an individual are empowered to grow your own food. It will certainly make a difference. However, what will really shake the foundations of the increasingly technocratic, dystopia we’re being driven towards is if people organise the cultivation and growing of their food collectively. These techno-fascists who want to control every aspect of our lives want to reduce us to atomised, passive consumers. Organising collectively to grow our own food reinforces vital social bonds, builds community cohesion and is a start in building the new world we want instead of the shite one we’re currently obliged to endure.

Longer term security can also be secured not just from growing your own food but also from saving and nurturing seeds for the following seasons. This is how a wider variety of crops can be ensured. This can be enhanced by collectively starting up a seed bank with like minded people. This is not just to save and conserve seeds but also to exchange expertise and to learn.

All of this and more is dealt with in greater detail on our sister blog, Estuary Stirrings, in this piece: Subverting the system – March 17, 2021.

Gaining control of our food supply at the grassroots is not some nice, feel good add on to our lives. It’s certainly not virtue signalling. If we want the freedom and autonomy that we need to live a truly human life, it’s an absolute necessity. This is what the Alternative Estuary project is about – doing what we can to encourage, support and facilitate those taking the first steps towards growing their own food. It’s one of the first steps in what ultimately has to be a full on revolution that will rid us of the techno-fascists once and for all. To re-iterate – we are NOT a fluffy feel good project!


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