Flyers and ‘zines galore!

Having taken a look at the ‘route to freedom’ from lockdown that has been tantalisingly dangled in front of our eyes, we’ve come to the realistic conclusion that there will still be a dearth of events this year where we can hand out our propaganda.

There may possibly be one or two outdoor type events come the late summer but we reckon that’s going to be about it. With the constraints venue owners are likely to be under, the terms and conditions involved in putting on an event may be too much for the organiser to want to bother with. They may well also be too much for stallholders and punters to want to put up with. So that’s one distribution route that’s unlikely to happen this year…

We have previously distributed our flyers and ‘zines in a number of vegan cafes around Southend. It really is a case of seeing how many of them have actually survived lockdown. Effectively, we’re re-building that venue list from scratch.

As you can see from the above image, we have flyers and ‘zines we really would like to shift sooner rather than later. While the content is generic and won’t date, they’re not doing any good sitting in our propaganda box! So, if any of our supporters want to take a bundle to hand out to people they know, it really would be appreciated. If you can help with this, we can be contacted here:


These are the flyers and ‘zines we have an abundance of and want to shift:

Guerilla gardening… Just do it!

We live in uncertain times where there’s more potential for disruption to the food supply and a question mark over the quality of the limited choice of food we’re left with. Rather than give into despair or naïvely hold out the hope that things will turn out okay in the end, why not join up with your neighbours to start your own community vegetable and fruit garden?

Taking back our land

Land ownership is a means of exerting power. Taking back the land from the owners and re-purposing it as a community asset is a challenge to that power.

Alternative Estuary – Issue No.5

Change is in our hands. This is what the Alternative Estuary project is all about – promoting and supporting grassroots projects that start to give us more control over our lives and put the principles of solidarity and mutual aid into practice. It’s also about facilitating projects networking and supporting each other so that they end up becoming something much greater than the mere sum of their parts.

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