A revolutionary act

Being stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of lockdowns and various tiers of the ‘new normal’, it can be all too easy to succumb to feelings of gloom and powerlessness. That would be letting the bastards win though, wouldn’t it? Despite our superficially ‘fluffy’ appearance, were not the kind of people to give the bastards who think they can control our lives a single inch.

One way we can start to get back a degree of control over our lives is by growing as much of our food as possible. That can be individually or better, collectively with like minded people. Or a combination of both. The location can be your back garden or an allotment. If you haven’t got access to either, there’s always guerilla gardening: Guerilla gardening – where to start.

This is what Alternative Estuary is all about. Inspiring people to set up grassroots projects that give us the chance to start building the new world we want in the shell of the old while collectively taking back control of our lives.


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