Walking the walk…

We don’t just put up posts about guerilla gardening while urging others to get stuck into doing it – we walk the walk by getting out there and doing it ourselves!

The images below are from a long established community garden on an estate in Laindon right up by the A127. It’s not the most promising location but a few years of hard graft have helped to transform a corner of what would otherwise have been a pretty drab location. This particular garden is dual purpose – growing vegetables for consumption as well as flowers and shrubs to brighten the place up. Securing a food supply and boosting community morale in one hit…

This image is from a newer venture, a small vegetable garden in the yard outside a warehouse in Laindon where a couple of us work – many thanks to East West Trading for sponsoring this:) Again, it’s about encouraging people to start growing their own food and showing that however unpromising a location may appear to be, with a bit of graft, it can be transformed into a productive plot.


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