Crops NOT Shops – Dig For VICTORY!! | 16.07.20 Update:)

When it feels like the world is filled with too much negativity, it’s great to feature a grassroots project that is absolutely smashing it:)

This was first posted on the Crops NOT Shops – Dig For VICTORY!! Facebook page.

So excited right now.
Today was awesome.

Imagine… If every restaurant grew food in their garden space and then from the produce offered FREE meals to the homeless or needy.

This is our next incentive to raise from the cropsNOTshops movement.

Johnny’s #1 Carribean Hut (287 London Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea SS0 7BX) is going to be the first of many shops to start this way forward.

We are also going to host a KNOW YOUR ROOTs funky reggae party cropsNOTshops fundraiser on the 15th August at Johnny’s #1 Carribean Hut where by then, we will have the whole garden transformed for FREE food.

Nice one Johnny for letting us make the start.

Also our greenhouse work from the past weekend is booming already. Loads of crops popping in the pop crop shop.

Get in touch anyone wants to grow food in their gardens.

All year round crops can be done as well.
FREE food and KNOWLEDGE for everyone forever.
I love you.

Please support the cause.

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