Top of the Crops Free PDF Download

This was originally published on Spiralseed

Do YOU want to grow your own??

Top of the Crops is a low cost, non-nonsense beginners guide to producing fresh and tasty vegetables, herbs and fruit in your own back garden or whatever space is available to you. It contains all you need to know to start you off growing crops that are good for your health, good for your children, good for your community, good for wildlife, good for planet and good for your pocket.

Happy Growing!

One of the many effects of the Corona Virus has been to bring into sharp focus the fragility of our current global food production and distribution systems – shortages and queues in our supermarkets and shops for even basic food items have shown that there is a fundamental need to redesign the way that we feed ourselves and our communities. Part of the solutions-based picture is about re-localising food production and learning how to grow more of our own produce in our own gardens, allotments or whatever spaces are available to us: Just think how much food growing land is potentially available, and the possible contribution to the health, well-being and sustenance of our society we could all make if only we had the land and skills!

We have therefore decided to make the newly revised and reprinted edition of ‘Top of the Crops – How to make Your Edible Garden Grow’ available as a free PDF download for the duration of the COVID-19 Lockdown period in the hope that folks will find it a useful and empowering beginners guide, building confidence and encouragement to play a part in the food security solution – another world IS possible!

(NB. Printed copies of Top of the Crops are also available here – – including options for bulk orders for community groups, COVID-19 Local Support Groups, etc – it would be great if you could support us and spread the word!)


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