Let’s make Romford green again

Huge development is coming to Romford; thousands of flats and other developments.

This could turn the town into a concrete jungle, or it could be the once in a lifetime opportunity to turn the place into a green oasis, combining new homes with a renaturalised River Rom in the middle of the town, new biodiversity and ecosystems, pleasant pathways to walk along by the river in the centre of the town, and a network of new green and nature corridors linking the natural habitats of the river with those on the edge of the town and around it, ensuring that Romford is a green and pleasant place for everyone living in and around it in the future!

This is a complicated task, and will have to happen over the long term, but it would help to improve mental health by giving people places to overcome the isolation which can come with new developments and improve physical health by reducing air pollution. It would help make the town an attractive, characterful place where people want to live and base their business.

Romford Civic Society wants Havering Council and the Mayor of London to plan for this and how to pay for it, clearly identifying the land which will be needed to renaturalise the river in the centre of the town, and how this will contribute to improving biodiversity and ecosystems for all to enjoy throughout the centre of Romford.

Click here – https://www.change.org/p/havering-council-let-s-make-romford-green-again – to sign the petition

Romford Civic Society – https://www.facebook.com/RomfordCivic/

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