Billericay Community Garden – Open Day Report 8 June 2019

This is from the Billericay Community Garden Facebook page

Hi Bloggers, seems ages we chatted, here’s a summary of another busy day in the garden.

I arrived late, which is unusual for me but like everyone else here, we are all volunteers and fit the garden in and around busy lives.

The message is simple, an hour is as good as several hours because all the effort adds up and we can maintain and improve the garden.

I missed the wit and humour of Lauren and Ash who popped in on the ‘early shift’ to help which is fab and its always nice to see you. By the way, well done with the Forest School.

Phew, wasn’t it half windy yesterday!!! Felt like the Roaring Forties had been redirected from their usual latitude of 40 degrees South and blew straight through the garden!!

Not sure the tomatoes appreciated the wind as a few need stringing back up. Another job to do!!!!!

The days tasks were bulletted on Caroline’s To Do List which kept us all on what ‘must be’ done.

Sarah, Caroline and JTG (John The Gaffer) were grafting away doing weeding and planting all fuelled by the push of plants out of CP ready to be added to the existing flora in the beds.

The emphasis was on planting, planting and more planting (yawn, as I like destroying a d building things.)

– Sunflowers in the Chelmer Valley bed.
– We chose the best of Peggy Pumpkin’s 6 offspring and planted them into their purpose dug, nutrient rich manure pits.
– A wigwam arrangement of Mina Lobata and canes was erected in the pumpkin and squash nursery bed.
– Squashes planted in Road Runner (new name convention based on Walt Disney characters.)
– Beans in Mowgli.

Also worth mentioning our the efforts from the previous Sat when some of us cleared and dug over beds as preparation for yesterday. Three DoE students and two mums rolled up to help out and the extra muscle made a big difference. Thanks for the help.

Later on in the afternoon, just as backs started aching and motivation ebbs away we rallied for a final task.

We moved the metal shelving from inside CP and placed in on the path to display any remaining plants for sale.

Despite the rush to buying plants having eased off we still have plent of stock. Note – all plants outside are for sale at only 50p a each!!!!

We welcomed several interested visitors.

JTG added new trellises to the bridge posts and new climbing plants were put into nearby beds.

A mysterious artist sauntered into the garden early afternoon and left some excellent chalk graffiti behind. I am reasonably confident her future career preference will not be Horticulture and/or running Ideal Gardens.

We sat down at one point and reflected over a brew on how different the garden feels compared to last year.

Chelmer Valley School had already been, the new big green house was planned and overall it felt there was much more momentum.

The significant difference now is that we’ve eased off on capital projects (sorry JTG) and got on with the sowing and planting.

In combination with the obvious fruits that will come out from Berry Square later in the year; the Autumn harvest should see excellent returns of vegetables and fruits.

Hooray for all our efforts.

That’s all for now. Next Open Day is 6 July.

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