Southend’s new mayor needs to get out and about!

From the Estuary Fringe Festival Facebook page

Estuary Fringe press release (14-05-19)

Southend’s newly installed Mayor Cllr John Lamb has stated that he wishes to use his year in office to, amongst other things, support music in the town. He then went on to reference choirs! Choirs, really? Whilst choirs and a marching band are important musical forms and deserve support is he not showing his limited musical tastes, and age, by exposing such a narrow focus?

Well Mr Mayor, Southend happens to have a massively diverse music scene that has battled on for years, despite the council. Southend’s real music scene happens every night of the week at The Railway Hotel, Chinnery’s, the Preview club and many other places. Southend’s music scene can be heard in the amazing talent of Levent and Taylor, the energy of T Bitch and the testosterone of the Long Run to mention just a few of the huge number of acts in our town performing night after night. We even attract acts from around the world who want to come and play in Southend. Over the last week alone we have seen Wheatus (Teenage Dirtbag) over from New York playing at Chinnery’s and the brilliant Las Guardalupes from Mexico at Sound of the Sirens night at the Blue Boar.

Whilst it is true that choirs play a part in Southend’s musical soundscape it certainly does not constitute more than a fraction of the music out there. Furthermore, choirs have had a huge mount of financial support from the council over the years. They even seem to have their own council officer Rosemary Pennington whose only purpose appears to be finding funding for her upmarket friends. For upmarket read parvenu.

So come on Mr Mayor, stop being such a Mrs Bouquet, if you really want to support the music scene in Southend we will expect to see you down at the Railway Hotel enjoying yourself. Stop worrying what the neighbours might think. Take off your suit jacket, loosen your tie, put on your blue suede shoes and plug in to some popular culture.

Mark Sharp
Spokesperson for Estuary Fringe

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