Billericay Community Garden Open Day Blog – 11.05.19

This report was first published on the Billericay Community Garden Facebook page

Hello Everyone…..hope you are ok, this blog today was written as events occurred in the Garden….it’s a bit more ‘rough and ready’ editorially, but gives a real time perspective on the day.

6.40am Queens Park, having breakfast, just heard on radio today will be dry. Yes!!!!!!
What we need for a good day, motivation high..

Objectives –
Digging beds ready for planting.
Filling up as many water butts as we can. Planting out flowers and vegetables..and drinking tea!

09.05 Blimey are we really going to be weeding that bed..(John always far too keen)..oh boy!!!!

09.43 1st bed dug over not as hard as I’d thought, ready for planting. The speed that John turns over the bed puts me to shame.

Tomatoes go in 1st, each supported by a sturdy cane (memories from last year – the weight of produce pulled the plants over.)

Caroline arrives with various trays of plants including Stipa Tenuissima (grass) and Peggy Pumpkin’s Babies,

Popped my head round into CP…good grief what happened!!!!!! The greenhouse is bloated by many plants all eager to get outside. That Caroline has done an amazing job – I’d no idea as to the effort she puts in..Well done.

10.47 OMG OMG The heavens have just opened, April showers in May, that’s global warming for you, unexpected changes to normal weather patterns, but everything gets a good soaking = happy gardeners. Let’s celebrate with a brew – about time as parched.

12.40 Excellent turn out of volunteers – Sarah, Lotte, Matt, Lucy and a batch of younger volunteers. Thank you all for the time n effort. This makes such a difference, real progress can be made and seen. Love it!

Me, Matt and Lucy teamed up to tackle a couple of tasks – planted Artichokes and layered mulch around the plants. This helps protect them and looks good.

Moved onto the onion and garlic bed next door to hoe the soil and remove the remnants from previous years’ potato crops sprouting up. The straight rows of onions made this task much easier to run the hoe through.

All the Walt Dysney and Jungle Book themed labels have been posted up around the garden , thanks to Lotte and assistants. All areas, beds, paths, buildings and green houses are identifiable. These personalise the Garden and making reference to a given location easier. They add a softer touch to the Garden.

We have new drop off points (wooden crates), called Steptoe and Del-boy on the inside of the garden next to gates. Please use these if you have any plants or materials to leave.

Examples of plants put into beds – Globe Artichokes, Cherry Tomatoes, Brussel Sprouts and Honesty.

We put a display board outside with ‘Plant Sale – pop in!’ This generated interest and publicity for the Garden. Flogged £25 worth of plants and vegetables – result!! That’s a good start to the year. Tomato plants are in demand.

What a fab surprise in VC!!!! Many thanks to Freya and Lisa for the biscuits. We enjoyed hosting the DoE at the Garden and very pleased that you benefited from the experience. Great job by Donna & Caroline for initiating and overseeing it.

15.15 Sitting in Garden for a final brew and catch up. Blimey am knackered – there must be easier things to volunteer to do on a Sat – but not as rewarding and satisfying.

A very sociable and productive day.

15.30 Retreated from garden after ‘taking the trash out’- left Caroline in charge! More planting then in June ha!

Finally – a quick note to any visitors to the big green house in middle of garden. Can you make a final check to see doors are shut.

Oh yes – thanks to Lucy and assistants for topping up bird feeders.

Thank You.

Andy Molloy.

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