This is a small community garden…

As you can see from the links below, we’ve written a few pieces about community gardening and related issues. The images above are of a small pocket garden on an estate in Laindon. The garden is run by residents, facilitated by Basildon & Southend Housing Action. While this garden doesn’t make the residents in this block self sufficient in vegetables, it certainly makes a contribution.

Imagine what it could be like if every close/block on every estate in the area we cover ran small pocket gardens like this. It would be a step towards a sustainable means of localised food production. Combined with acquiring skills in pickling and other food preservation methods, pocket gardens like these could go some way to countering the impact of a no deal Brexit on the supply of fresh vegetables.

It’s a way of ordinary people starting to take control of their food production at the grassroots and taking control away from the large corporations. Once you start looking, there are plenty of plots that could be turned over to community run pocket gardens like this…let’s get going!

Growing food in three square feet of space
Billericay Community Garden Open Day
Companion Growing
Expropriation of land
Guerilla gardening… Just do it!

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