Billericay Community Garden Open Day

We were involved in the early stages of helping to set up the Billericay Community Garden back in 2014. It’s great to see how much progress they’ve made since then on creating not just a garden but also a valuable community asset. This report is from the Billericay Community Garden Facebook page.

Welcome everyone to this blog from Billericay Community Garden’s Open Day held on 23 Feb 2019.

We hit the jackpot with the weather and made very good progress!

Saturday focused on the continued tidying and preparation of the garden along with much planting activity in Crystal Palace!

The Head Gardener, John Fridd, commented ‘the garden is in an excellent state considering we are only in Feb and the results are clearly evident’:

  • Paths and thoroughfares stand out with a new layer of wood chippings.
  • Flower and vegetable beds have been deep dug and are weed free.
  • Rubbish and materials cleared away to improve the look and feel of the garden.
  • Berry square tidied and weeds cleared.

Even though annual maintenance tasks take precedent now, sowing seeds and growing new plants is equally as important. Caroline has been leading efforts here and is doing a great job.

The small green house is in full operation, all shelf space is crammed with germinating seed trays and the new insulation lagging keep jack frost at bay during the colder nights. So get ready as there will be a lot of planting out during the next Open Days.

Varieties of seeds included – Four o’clocks, Pink Fur Apple, Maris Piper, Cauliflower (Normal / Romanesco), Camomile, Dahlias, Tomato Ailsa Craig and Red Cabbage.

The wild Beds had 163 bulbs planted.

Saturday also felt like a family day as alongside regular committee members (John, Donna, Caroline and Me) it was fantastic to see and get support from other volunteers.

Margaret’s advice and help on the pruning and care of the fruit bushes was well timed.

Lucy and her friend Michelle came along with a pack of kids and they all got stuck in. They helped dig out two pits and then saw up logs and layer them into the bottom of each pit.

All the kids put the Mud Kitchen and swing to good use.

We also had some other visitors who had a tour of the garden and it was also really nice to meet John’s parents again.

We ended up with a final cup of tea and a reflection on what had been a superb day.

Thank you to everyone who helped out!!!!

Quick reminder for your diaries

Next Open Days are 23 March and 13 April.

Location of the garden is at the back of Emmanuel Church, Laindon Road.

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