Is the state of the environment a concern for working class people?

This is a long piece and possibly a bit more political than most of the posts that appear on here but…given the threats posed by environmetal degradation and climate change, we feel that it needs to be re-blogged on here…

The South Essex Heckler

Dave (the editor)

There are some misconceptions floating around implying that working class people are not concerned about issues such as environmental degradation and climate change. What I want to do with this piece is challenge those misconceptions by outlining how environmental issues directly impact our lives and argue why we have to incorporate them into our class struggle politics.

Look at how pretty much any manufacturing town in this country has developed and you’ll see that the more affluent areas were generally elevated and situated in a way that avoided the prevailing wind that carried the muck from the factories and the mills. Meanwhile, the cramped houses of the workers were located as close as possible to workplaces that belched out smoke, fumes and dust onto their neighbourhoods. Ever since the advent of industrialisation and the mass migration of workers into the rapidly expanding manufacturing towns and cities, working…

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