This blog was set up with the aim of promoting grassroots projects that are helping to build the new world we want in the decaying shell of the dysfunctional, dystopian one we currently endure. It was also set up to offer a means for these projects to exchange experiences, lessons learned from those experiences, ideas and inspiration. Working together and linking up at a number of levels will make us all stronger

We know there are a fair few projects here in the south of Essex where each of them in their own way are doing what they can at the grassroots to start building this new world. We’d love to hear from you:) We really do not want to be writing all of the posts for Alternative Estuary. It’s not that we’re lazy – it’s because we want this to evolve into a genuinely collaborative project. One that hopefully one day, we’ll be able to hand over to activists across the south of the county to run on a collective basis.